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Instruction modes

As pedagogy changes and technology advances, the way instruction is delivered also changes. Accurate instruction modes are critical for federal and state reporting, bursar billing, and to set student expectations for course delivery.

It’s up to faculty to articulate their course delivery to schedulers so they can implement the appropriate coding.

Quick reference for instruction mode coding
CodeMeaningDecision rule
PIn Person (Face to Face)Very little online education (0-25%)
OAOnline All100% is asynchronous online education
OIOnline Interactive76% to 99% is asynchronous online education
DODistance, Other76% to 100% is synchronous live video
HDHybrid, Distance26% to 75% is online, remainder is live video
HYHybrid, Traditional26% to 75% is online, remainder is face to face
INInternshipVery little online education (0-25%)
ISIndependent/Directed StudyVery little online education (0-25%)

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