Submit Final Grades

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The consequences of submitting your grades late

It is vital that you submit grades on time. If you don’t turn in your grades by the deadline, your students will receive NR grades. Late grades may also result in a student:

  • Not being awarded their degree
  • Not being allowed to return for the next semester
  • Not being allowed to compete in intercollegiate athletics
  • Not being able to receive financial aid

To avoid calls from concerned students, parents, and school recorders, be sure to get your grades in on time.

If you submit a late grade roster after the last automatic nightly scheduled posting of final grade rosters, you must contact the Office of the Registrar to manually post the roster.

Making grades available to students

Students can check their final grades online. For midterms or individual exams, we ask that you not post grades on the wall outside of your classroom, in your department, or on the web due to federal laws prohibiting the sharing of personally identifiable information with any third party.

Ideally, you will share grades with students individually, such as through a returned examination or email message. However, we recognize that in certain large sections, posting grades in a common location is the most efficient way to get results to the students. If you conclude you have no other way of getting students their grades, do not show student names or university ID numbers. You may use the last four numbers of the students’ university IDs as the sole identifier, but you should present the numbers in numerical (rather than alphabetical) order.

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